Life can be an “Adventure”

“Adventure is not outside man; it is within.”
– George Eliot –
We must venture inside and become intimately familiar first, then our external pursuits have the proper perspective.
A daily mindfulness practice is perfect for an internal introspection.
Sit today, focus, let go, life will expand.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Yes! Adventure might even be as simple as taking a different road, wearing something different than usual, or just sitting a little longer with someone.

  2. Excellent

    Yes maybe the road less travelled.

    One of my adventures was staying places where I felt awkward and uncomfortable.

    I learned to sit and not react to awkward, to anxiety and stress but to focus, let go and then see what was left.

    Actually the judgment and emotion faded quickly when I did not react to it.

    It happens in subtle little changes that go unnoticed at first.

  3. You will never really know how deep and cold the pool is until you jump into it.

  4. Do something everyday where time stops and need for approval dies

    Enter this space as completely as possible

    Slow down let emotion fade

    See beneath the shallow surface of the river

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