Mindset while Meditating, practicing Mindfulness

There is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no judgment, no words, no dialogue, no goals where we are traveling (Right hemisphere of the brain).
Healing, insight and happiness arrive intuitively, organically not cognitively.
When we sit, we are taking time to nourish our being, soothe our nerve endings and cherish this present moment.
There is no other place on this planet we should be right now, we are exactly were we need to be for the next 30 minutes.
There is nothing we can attain, possess or covet in the future that contains happiness.
Happiness and healing are internal entities , not shallow external desires of approval, power, position, title or status.
Happiness is always found in this moment.
Seldom does happiness appear from cognition or thought.
The “Ego” is too flawed, to judgmental to enjoy happiness.
He/She is never equal to another and thus is ill equipped to let go of his/her internal bias.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Happiness will never tell us when it comes. Don’t prepare for its welcome but be open for it anytime. 🙂

  2. Happiness is not located on the side that thinks, judges or tells.

    The Buddhist taught me two things above all else.

    Sit with no goals, let your inner guide navigate for you and always sit for others, sentient beings.

    Both of these stances are to limit the ego, thought, telling anything to anyone

    Happiness can not be pursue, that is a cognitive discipline.

    Let go and just be here, empty.

    React to your brilliant awareness you have constructed.

    Nice response Jade, thanks

    It is easy to spot one who has some depth in their meditation practice by what they write. I do not know if it is the clarity or simplicity

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