Even in our quotes, we judge life so shallow, so small, it is the ego who miniaturized life, not freedom in this moment.


“No matter what sort of adversity or challenge you might face, you can always believe that, with hope, it can be conquered and, in the end, you will be stronger for it.”
~ Brooke Ellison~
Most people would say this is an inspirational quote, maybe we can add our take.
No matter what sort of adversity or challenge we might face, we need only try our best, no need to conquer anything to be stronger, live fully, be at peace, or find happiness.
Release the need for the external world to offer us praise, adulation, approval or fear rejection and criticism.
My happiness, my level of energy, my effort, has nothing to do with results, does not depend on others at all and springs mainly from the way I live moment to moment.
Realizing this, then taking action with a slow relaxed, unencumbered mind, frees us to pursue life without the barriers of bias, the ego.
Be your actions, let thought of who you are collapse from lack of attention.
Be focused on now, forget approval, breathe,,let go.
Perspective, and a slow focused mind clears the path on our journey.
Sit quietly and know this through application.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jennifertemp on February 10, 2014 at 5:13 pm

    I get your point – ‘conquered’ is a powerful word – the quote is inspirational but doing your best is what is important.

  2. Here in eugene Oregon a small college town, the paper did an exhaustive study of the homeless along with a population count. Over 1700 homeless the majority mentally challenge, addicted or unfortunate.

    Trying your best is all some of our fellow humans have. Conquering is a long way from surviving today, getting food, being exposed to weather, elements and danger, maybe violence. Conquer what?

    If I really do not need approval or external anything, well I mean I have the ability to let go of dangerous crap for me, then I am captaining my being by placing all my energy in this moment

    If you can not let go you are wasting your life, leading a kind of shadow life, like the moving walkway at the airport, you are out of sync not present when life is happening.

    We will never approach emphatic letting go, not having our emotions and thoughts kick our butts at times.

    This is a journey journey. Adopting that mantra may alter some of your life.

    I know anything that happens I have the space to let go and the security to know I am fine, I am going to die one day whether I worry my ass off and am so anxious I hide in my garage.

    I been there done that, not about to give my attention to crap for much anymore.

  3. Doing your best is the only thing that is permanent, winning, losing well it comes and goes as life, we wither and die.

    Attached to this is important. You can try to conquer just place it in perspective. Whether it is accomplished will fade in time.

    Can you see that conquering is transparent, impermanent, maybe changes tomorrow or a decade form now.

    How many wondrous marriages start with euphoric feelings. Divorce sure brings a different feeling probably opposite.

    So if conquering, finding the perfect mate was all your happiness, guess what, that may change and what will your loss be.

  4. Posted by jennifertemp on February 10, 2014 at 10:42 pm

    “Conquering” seems to imply anything less is failure so although in general I agree to a certain degree – your ‘correction’ is healthier and more realistic.

    Sure none of us enter into marriage with the idea we will be divorced. Marriage and the perfect mate is no guarantees of happiness. However, it is scientifically proven,at least with men, that they do live longer as married men and I would assume that would be because the mate and relationship works for both.

    I believe that most have unrealistic ideals of what a marriage is. Communication, I believe is the major fallout for relationships in general. Common goals and beliefs, and life philosophy, interests, goals etc. are very important to compatibility and success.

  5. Posted by jennifertemp on February 11, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    i.e. – happiness.

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