The Ultimate test?…… No one has ever past?

Let me ask in a sarcastic way, know anyone over 105?
See, everyone dies, the ultimate test, living forever.
Why worry, you “Ain’t” getting out alive, let go, live, risk, laugh, your spirit desires to fly.
Take a few, slow, focused breaths, let go of the grasp to think, to impact someone or something, someway.
Save your life force, stay here, let thought alone, just be, soak up a miracle in your present view. Find Waldo!!!
Whether we worry our butts off or let go and be open to life, we die the same time, hour, minute, second.
Your choice!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Not 105, but 104. Mr. Tigard of Tigard Oregon. Still active (drives) joins the 2:00 coffee group, always dressed to the nines, who recently recovered from multiple leg fractures and surgery! Talk about resilience!

  2. I know this is logically true, but I can’t help but feel guilty if I allow myself to be happy. It feels like I’m doing something wrong. And if I force myself to be happy until the end of the day, I usually have debilitating nightmares that night. It’s like my subconscious punishing me or something. Like, “haha, you thought you were gonna be happy? I’ll show you!”

    P.S. nice blog!

  3. It might have to do with the judgment and feeling of guilt. Why do you feel guilty.

    Can you let go of the guilt and observe it, see what is behind it. More going on that you do not feel the right to be happy.

    Happy does not have guilt involved in it. True happiness has eluded you so far.

    Keep letting go and see what is really behind that feeling of guilt.

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