C-PTSD:—Making small adjustments;— labeling and judging!

When we feel down, depressed, low energy, it is best not to decide how things are, how life is perceived.
The part of the mind that erects walls, partitions off life with rigid rules and judgments, is cognitively based and fueled.
If life sucks right now, resist saying it, grasping it, then accept it without comment.
It will fade quickly without grasping or judging it one way or another.
It will be like an anchor around your neck if you grasp it, dissociate into it.
Life can get totally bogged down, with us wasting all waking time dealing with trauma, doubt, worry or fear.
Spend your days with trauma and become your trauma, spend time in the now and become free.

3 responses to this post.

  1. definitely need to remember this right now.

    love the snake pic, do you have an ID on the species? (or at least where you got the pic?) (the herp geek is peeking through right now, lol!) Looks like a garter species maybe?

  2. It is like thoughts, PTSD, we think it is one of the most venomous, but it probably is a great pet, harmless.

    Need to update my viper trivia,

  3. Posted by jennifertemp on November 11, 2013 at 3:44 am

    “Spend Time in Now” -Trauma – Doesn’t mean you have to exist in a euphoric bubble – with a fixed smile on your face of despair – where do you put your attention,focus – you still have to process these things as they are part of life.Disappointment, Loss, Sadness. Avoiding – creating boundaries to protect out of fear out self protection – distancing yourself,not communicating, being honest. There is no joy or happiness in this.

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