Effects of fear and anxiety on Perception and Judgment!!


from Coping with Trauma Related Dissociation:

“Fear and anxiety affect decision making in the direction of more caution and risk aversion.  Traumatized individuals pay more attention to cues of threat than other experiences, and they interpret ambitious stimuli as threatening, leading to more fear driven decisions.  In people with dissociative disorder, certain parts are compelled to focus on the perception of danger.  Living in trauma-time, these dissociative parts immediately perceive the present as being just “like the past” and emergency emotions such as fear, rage, or terror are immediately evoked, which compel impulsive decisions to engage in defensive behaviors (freeze, flight,flight, or collapse).  When parts of you are triggered, more rational and grounded parts may be overwhelmed and unable to make effective decisions.”


My take on this quote: Our PTSD ego (cognitive mind) interprets reality in a distorted, harmful way.  This passage confirms my belief that the breathing track is needed so we do not freeze, flee, fight or collapse.  Overwhelmed and unable to make effective decisions is not healing.  We need to develop our focus directing our attention to now, instead of dissociating and fueling trauma.  Simple if we practice everyday and with every breath.

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  1. my 16 year old daughter has PTSD amongst other diagnosis since being held at knife point by a classmate 2 years ago. I am here to read what you have to say to see if anything relates to my DD. Thanks for writing this blog.

  2. Somehow she will have to handle her thoughts around her triggers.

    Mindfulness will let her accomplish this. She can practice everyday, where most of her healing will occur, in between therapy sessions.

    Check out the breathing track I have designed, it will save time and energy on her journey,

    If she does the daily work she will heal.

    Good luck and please feel free to ask questions or for help.

  3. Coming back from trauma can only happen when the mind feels safe enough to let go of the fear. The fear and defensive behaviours are only trying to keep us feeling safe and away from danger. Beginning to feel safe enough again is a slow gradual process which in my experience builds a little with each good experience….lots of love and being held safe really help too 🙂

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