Updated:___PTSD is Temporary

Yes it is.  It is a mental wound. Mental wounds can heal, if they are taken care of. They can also kill you if ignored. Infection settles in.

Trauma and our intrusive thoughts originate in the amygdala part of the brain.  This is where the wound is. The problem is that you can’t see it or reach it consciously.

Pay attention to healing the wound. Focus on it getting better.


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  1. Posted by willa on January 23, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    sometimes it helps to know the physiology of thought … what is going on when my brain feels crosswired? it feels like my brain has become rearranged, with short outs, and jumps. progress is painfull and slow. being present in the now helps – and breathing track supports that..

  2. Funny how things resemble electricity to you also. Short circuit yes at times.

    It helped me to stop judging and thinking about it. That cut down so much time not dissociating into the past that some things shifted.

    Thanks for sharing your point of view.

  3. Posted by willa on January 24, 2012 at 12:09 am

    ah. yes. actually, that was a question! but i see what you mean by not judging and thinking about it. i have been so worried about irreversible damage. am in the beginning stages of learning much of what you share – finding this website has been a remarkable blessing. after reading what you wrote back, came upon another post on your website that happened to review other benefits of meditation on specific areas of the brain … thankyou. this exchange will hopefully help me remember more often to come back to the present and now also, to stop worrying about what is wrong or not working so much.

  4. The damage you think you feel is the force of the cortisol and the aroused states around that terror and fear. No long term damage unless you keep feeding it.

    Our nervous systems do not handle constant stress or anger, fear or depression.

    I used to think I must be dying after my triple rollover accident. If I could hurt this much constantly my veins or something must be rotting out.

    Thansk for the compliments and feel free to ask because many others want to know the same things or be reassured. It comes with our dissociating leaving the present to be lured into the story of the trauma. Trauma wins no matter what if we think about it or give it time.

    Symptoms can get worse and constant if we feed this trauma and handle our trauma thoughts. have you tried a few affirmations to say in the morning or at night. Kaity said she left a few affirmations on her phone that are scheduled to text her with them throughout the day.

    keep aware of thoughts and try to bring yourself to now as much as possible. First bring awareness and watch for the pattern if the mind or ego. Observe the thoughts upon waking in the shower. We usually are not occupied with breakfast, work newspaper, kids etc so the mind usually drifts to where it lives. Watch it.

  5. Ok, let us talk about thoughts or particularly trauma thoughts.

    PTSD is a disorder that hi jacks our fight or flight or freeze response/ defense mechanism. It is housed in a almond shaped part of the brain that is responsible for our safety. It is not accessible consciously and has a mind of its own so to speak.

    I think this is where our concern stems from. It can pick up a dangerous face in a crowded room and in Buddhas Brsin I slap think it said it can pick up danger even when not in vision in that room. I have personally and most have had body triggers happen.

    When my body was so filled with cortisol, my body would just try to shut own and not want to be traumatized again or retriggered. So thoughts or maybe a smell or a sound triggers something from the past or maybe childhood. Many time the concern on the surface epresents something much deeper.

    Thoughts are like the wind, useless if they are negative or detrimental to our staying present. Everytime we dissociate or take the lure of this trigger experience and avoid staying present to observe, the trauma grows.

    The more time,you spend thinking about your trauma one way or another it wins. The more time you spend present without the mind racing with what ifs or other distractions the more you will heal and minimize your symptoms.

    It is working with small or neutral things first to see how the ego acts. Try not judging food this week. What ever you cook, it is the best meal with the ingredients at hand. If you go out enter the space.

    That is look at the pale setting, the ambiance. There is a whole world we have been missing. be present without thought and leave judging rest. Chew your food. Smell notice flavors contrasts. So at meal time.
    , lunch or breakfast no judging of what was made, how good was it how did it compare.

    Later anger, fear anxiety will work the same way. Good luck.

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