C-PTSD: ..Fear is disguised as Anger, Blame or Resentment????

Anger, blame and resentment masquerade us, hiding our fears.  All these negative emotions release us from responsibility.  No one else can be responsible for our life, our happiness.  


Accept your life and you, then take action.  It takes small steps, daily practice to find freedom.  Happens on its own with each breath if awareness is used.


Feel where fear settles and absorb the feeling.  It is just us, a body mechanism with our bodies drugs and nervous system.  Fear does not harm us, it is only a warning system.  We can be afraid and nothing happens to us.


PTSD is not real danger, the thoughts have zero power in fact.  I tried to stop traffic with my thoughts.  They had no power beyond my body.  This has to be true for trauma thoughts also.




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