Mindfulness (Meditation): ……………………..The simplest description Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Breathing Track


In its simplest (basic) form:




It is following the breath on this model, period.



No thought, doubt, or emotion needed.*


2 responses to this post.

  1. As everyone that follows this blog knows this model has been developed with trial and error and sitting with intention for simplicity and clarity.

    This model and post have taken many many days of sitting and contemplating changes. The model doe not have the many things that confuse and conflict a novice.

    What is not there is the most important. One, counting is a highly complex cognitive function. Nothing abstract is left. No unknown or questions like am I meditating.

    It took me four years of sitting four hours a day to simplify this so you can master this easily and then apply it.

    The breathing track and our breath now are isolated without thought, worry, doubt or concern.

    Everyone can follow The breath around this small simple model. if you can do this and practice thn healing and improving are close behind.

    if you are in therapy this model and your practice will benefit any therapy or stand alone and heal us in due time. After you learn this skill then you can add and expand you practice the way you would like.

    Happy healing

  2. (Paperback) How refreshing, in today’s world of muti-tasking and over stluiiatmon, to hear a call for bringing the attention to a single point. This book is a great introduction to the time-honored practice of mindfulness. The methodology could be useful to anyone but Gina Biegel has applied it to the situations, concerns and stressors that today’s teens experience.

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