C-PTSD:…My Healing Model;…The Differences!!!

The Traditional Counting Breaths versus The Breathing TrackIn my opinion the greatest power we have is to direct our attention.  This conclusion was reached with exhaustive research and actual real-time application, daily.  To say that my experience was unique or different from a therapist journey is an understatement.   Not better or worse, different and unique.


Two opposite differences are urgency and a simple, specific, concrete practice model for now.


Urgency is a word never heard or read in any therapy book or from the mouth of a therapist.  My model does not have a once a week structure.  I do not need to fill a calendar, please insurance companies or make a living.

Urgency is a must if we want to break the difficult bonds of early childhood trauma.  Our childhood development and abuse, along with the coping mechanisms created to survive, resist regular attempts to heal.   It takes specific concrete mental action, applied with the urgency of life and death for our mental wellbeing.  This is a war, many do not realize this and therefore avoid action.


Urgency means this is the number one priority in our life.  Devote each breath to being aware if a thought appears.  Apply maximum pressure towards trauma and it cracks.  Therapists do not share or discuss the critical moment for healing or fueling PTSD.  When a trigger thought erupts with that strong jolt, trauma is at its strongest and weakest.  Bring urgency to staying present following the breath and trauma loses power.


The second large difference is our approaches.  I believe and know that the mind reacts to specific, concrete immediate stimuli.  To change a habit or face a trigger exploding it takes all out application of our tools.  Therapy has abstract features and many pieces moving at one time.  Childhood trauma does not respond to abstract, general or future desires at all.


Healing happens better and quicker with a specific, concrete model for use urgently everyday and with every breath.  Simplicity allows us to leave thought alone and practice with total energy.  Everyone trying the breathing track has noticed the mind is attracted to this model.


Even in a therapists office, first session could start with introducing a way to handle thoughts and calm the nervous system.  The first month would be ten visits.  More time to master the breathing track and get feedback.  Application of the tools with dedication and passion.


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