Benefits of the Breathing Track? Many

Let us explore ways the breathing track soothes our trauma.  We know that going below the ego or consciousness activates the parasympathetic nervous system.  This calms us naturally  and dissipates  cortisol.


First, we are connecting to our emotional regulatory center each time we go beneath consciousness.  This brings equanimity to us slowly.  More on equanimity later.


Second, we have access,  intuitively with the amygdala.  The amygdala does not respond to healing, consciously.


Third, the level of awareness and focus are attained much quicker and easier.  Introducing a specific, concrete model attracts the mind.  We change habits with specific concrete skills, we work on to improve immediately.  The mind is not motivated by general concepts in the future.  The opposite is true.


Fourth, the concrete model takes the abstract, the unknown out of the equation.  So much less confusion and doubt about our performance, when we just take action.  Simplicity allows us to see, feel and trace the breath in this moment.  As most people say, I can do that.


Last, most of us see the breathing track as doable.  Believing you can accomplish this, is a necessity.  Meditation drums up so many connotations of monks in caves for years.  Confusion about the complexity and effort needed keeps us away. Anyone with eyes open can trace their breath on the model*


Start now, with the next thought that appears!

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  1. Posted by Jill on June 3, 2012 at 12:53 pm

    What does one do when focusing on the breath, whether breath counting or just feeling the breath at the nostrils, leads to hyperventilation, increasing anxiety and retriggering?

  2. That is what counting did for me, it was not natural. That is why I developed the breathing track.

    maybe try this approach, no right or wrong, no good or bad, no loss, no failure.

    Relax and trace your breath on a printed out breathing track. practice with your eyes open. You will get past this sticking point. keep taking mental action and quit judging life, you and then world. Accept and start a daily routine.

    This is a way out if you can get by the awkward at first.

    following the breath with eyes open tracing the breath on the model will calm you and make this easier.

    it is a matter of willpower for you. You can do this and calm and freedom are in the other side. No one else can heal you so there is no alternative. If you decide to give up you will suffer till you die. Cold hard facts.

    I have supported many who have had success with the breathing track. All,who have devoted time improved and got better at it.

    The consequences decide what your life will be like.

    Good luck

    My motto
    Never give up me er give in, wake up and take mental action. Smile and live in this moment with me and be calm and free.

    Also I am here for support everyday and will support you through this stage. it could be great for others who are having the same issue. Olease keep trying for your own freedom. in a week you could be over this sticking point and headed in the right direction

    Good luck on your journey. Marty

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