Which one will Hold up When Trauma Explodes?

Counting Breaths and Breathing track

Counting Breaths and Breathing track

The  model on the left is the count your breath model, with my visual interpretation.  This model is abstract lacking balance of the inhales or exhales.  transitions or pauses do not exist.  Most novices are confused about meditating.  inherently the weakness in this system lies in the lack of any connection of the inhale and exhale.  Counting is a cognitive skill which is not the side of the brain we are aiming for.


This is where I always got lost in thought, the pauses.  Now with the breathing track on the right, we have a balanced continuum.  The gaps where we lost ourselves in thought are now closed.  The breath is balanced with a stronger mind/body connection.  Now we can visually see and tactility touch a real model.  We now have the ability to trace our breath with eyes open.


The benefits:  Much easier to follow a real image and know exactly what to do.  Focus grows stronger with practice.  All mindfulness practice is valuable however reaching a state, empty of thought is where the big changes happen.


The most important aspect of this model is the way it withstands the pressure of trauma exploding.  That is because it is simple, specific, and easily learned.  We are able to repeat the model under the adrenal stress  response.


The breathing track will withstand this fearful emotional state.   When we can stay present as triggers explode, empty of thought, observing the body sensations of fear and panic we integrate trauma.  We fear our own body mechanisms.  Fear can not harm us.



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  1. now the counting the breath model is not a model. There exist only a description, that is count the breaths and focus. So everything is abstract and meditating is foreign to most. Many are never sure if they are meditating.

    The mind reacts to specific, concrete, immediate challenges the best. The challenge of slowing the mind to follow the pace of the breath takes a long time with the counting method. The Zen center I went to, said you were a novice for ten years.

    A PTSD sufferer is not going to dedicated ten years to healing. The breathing track takes the abstract counting and afford us a visual of exactly what we are trying to accomplish. In fact we can visually trace our breath and feel how it goes around the curves. It has a mind/body connection to it.

    We are exploring our inner world. Where does our fear settle. The s sensations are dull, sharp, throbbing, tense, frozen etc. Get to know the fight or flight feel and anxiety.

    How does pleasant feel compared to unpleasant. intuitively search for wisdom.

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