From Coping with Trauma Related Dissociation:… Core beliefs!

Negative core beliefs:

Chronically traumatized people often suffer from persistent core beliefs.  These are deeply rooted convictions that typically involve all-or-nothing thinking without balance or nuance.


“Things never work out for me,” “People always try to hurt me,” I am completely stupid and unlovable,” or ” There is no safe place.”.


These beliefs often contain words like always, never, or none.  Such thoughts and beliefs can profoundly influence, reinforce, and intensify negative emotions.


Negative core beliefs are reinforced over time by negative emotions, perception, and predictions, and by additional negative life experiences.


The same is true for positive core beliefs and attendant receptions, emotions, and experiences.

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  1. I have been in a loop and seen others on the PTSD discussion board living a negative loop. Nothing could get in.

    Think about this. Rick Hanson says we have one with a million zeroes behind it for opportunity choices every minute. That is a lot.

    Now Complex PTSD or PTSD narrows our scope to a few Fearfull thoughts. Our lives revolve around a thimble of life’s possibilities.

    We become rigid and avoid then isolate with this disorder. healing must be the other way. If your behavior has you experiencing suffering then maybe that behavior is increasing your suffering.

    Awareness and riding the breathing track heals this.

    Remember this is an accumulative disorder. What fires together wires together. Where you direct your attention will decide if you will heal or drop more and more cortisol into your nervous system.

    We are in a Tug of War……… grab the rope and we lose. The rope has fearful thoughts and triggers to be handled. grab with only one arm and the body is still attached. We lose when we avoid and turn away. reality is not known because we left before we could see the power or lack of it. We are only honoring our fear then leaving.

    Wonder of nothing is behind that fear. We are running from ourself then a mirage. Myers it is true trigger thoughts are powerless. Mine turned out to be all stored in my amygdala like yours. They are not real and fight or flight is just us our body mechanism nothing else.

    I refuse to be afraid of me any more. I am perfect and accept all of me the vulnerable parts especially. being able to let go of the ego and surrender to any thought has freed me and my mind to explore and feel freedom.

    I can be calm and not react, rarely demonstrate anger or upset. My sphere of seeing joy and miracles in small things keeps my life exciting and morning rings in with what will unfold today.

    I sat scared for six months, agoraphobic and lost. It seems unreal but I am here totally without thought, worry, doubt or concern. I do not need approval or disapproval much anymore.

    The old adage that it takes few desires to be happy, is true. You have to protect possessions from loss. Why bother? Loss may not exist only the breaths we have left. Possessions will not go with us anyway when we end this life.

  2. This is so true, but so hard to change. cPTSD is basically something WRONG with you, they you need to fix, it’s a DISorder, and so many people even think or believe that this is your own fault, or just something you can change yourself by behaving in a different manner.
    What if you were met this way if you had cancer?
    I think the ability to believe in your own possibilities to heal is essential. The will to heal, and the positivity within you helps avoiding all other stuff that comes with a diagnosis like this, depressions etc… But sometimes you can’t even get medical staff understand that “no, this is not a depression”!
    Love reading your blog, thanks:)

  3. Our ego, cognitive functioning want to judge our healing, what we think we can do or can not do. I learned early on that getting up everyday and riding the breathing track, repeating affirmations and apply my focus to every thought healed on its own.

    Once I took the decision of how would I heal and what would healing look like for me and set it aside and made a pledge to work heard everyday whether rain or shine, feeling good bad or indifferent, I would work on healing.

    Nothing can stop you when thought changes to action. You can be better than ever than before even.

    My growth has no boundaries. I leave open what the mind can accomplish unencumbered by thought and doubt.

  4. Posted by sb on May 30, 2012 at 6:38 pm

    Thank you!!!–all!!! Don’t know if my previous comment made it on–noticed typo in email! (“sfbelman” instead of “sfa”)

    Like the Breathing Track, appreciate heart, concepts, togetherness of intentions+efforts, really feel them

  5. great, please share your experience and others may benefit. you are more connected to people than as we think isolated. We share a journey we did not decide consciously to choose. but that is life. our reaction and response is all we have.

    taking action can free your mind and body. Welcome and never give up never give in. be here in this moment with me and trauma dies, opportunity multiplies and our possibilities are unlimited. know that

    Rick Hanson says we have one with a million zeroes behind it for opportunity every minutes at the cellular level.

    be empty, ride the breathing track and develop your focus. it will free you.

    Also know there are many more gifts of freedom beyond just healing. I practice everyday and strive to be here totally empty of thought engrossed in something in the present moment. My possibilities as your are unlimited. That excites me, dwelling on thoughts does the opposite. We become what we place our attention on. feel bad let it fade and just be. Here without worry or doubt.

    Good luck

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