Try this: Realize you are safe and secure, Perfect all Week

No matter what happens today, things are perfect for you!


Accept, how everything turns out without judgment for once.


Whatever the outcome, our perfection is untouched!


Practice this non-reactive, steady minded approach.


Knowing our ego is safe and secure relaxes our anxiety and fear drastically.  Try it.

2 responses to this post.

  1. No failure is possible so let us just try to step back and observe. Accept.

    At the end of my healing journey I attempted surrender. releasing any tension I was holding bracing for impact, that was let go. I found that I was completely vulnerable without a hint of protection.

    I gained power over it that day by presenting myself like a hospice patient not trying to fix or correct anything. It is an incredible place when our need to protect the ego fades a little.

    It is hard to slow things down and do nothing but observe. not hard when armed with the focus of practicing the breathing track for a while.

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