We can Deal with Fear like the Navy Seals with the Breath and Practice

When fear is close, use the breathing track, letting the fear, enter your being, your chest.  Feel the body sensations of fear racing, jolting, electrifying us. 


Let the story go, ignore the ego’s lure, absorb, accept, then surrender to the fear.


I will guarantee, that a trauma fear will not hurt you, I have been there.  It is safe, actually it is a delusion that danger exists there.


Try it for thirty seconds.  That is how I ate the elephant.

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  1. Posted by monica on March 12, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    will do…today!

  2. Posted by monica on March 12, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    I was just thinking…there is such a natural tendency when we feel fear to RUN. Like IT is a monster of nightmeres that is going to annilate us if we allow it to touch us. We try to run by avoiding…any which way we can. But it never goes away…as soon as we come back…its waiting. That is the C-PTSD for me. I run because I feel the SAME EXACT fight and flight that I felt during years and years of abuse. BUt…the abuse is OVERRRRRRR.
    So….the fear is a reaction to something that has happened decades ago. I know I tried to tell myself that…but the cortisol was powerful. That is way I think the breathing track goes beyond the thoughts and discussions. Cortisol doesnt respond to logic. It’s not a logical thing. Thats way for me CBT did not work.

    can you please elaborate on this Marty?

  3. I have read and this has tabs to follow at the right side of books by Peyton Quinn and bBruce Siddle on the exact condition our bodies enter when our most dangerous trigger fires.

    This is combat stress or the adrenal stress response. Both of these men studied this moment of the mind to find out what holds up under this kind of stress or fear.
    Bruce Siddle talks of how and what works under these conditions.

    it has to be easy, simple, learned quickly, believed subconsciously to be important and the ability to perform this task in short order. The example they give is the firing position taught cops and soldiers.

    Remember we get tunnel vision, loss of fine motor skills, loss of hearing and our vitals skyrocketing with further burst of our energy flowing to our extremities.

    I think as far as I can see, I am the only one combining the neuroscience of the mind with this reaction a d PTSD or Complex PTSD. We need to practice our breathing track and head for these explosions to heal, not avoid and run.

    Ask yourself why these triggers are self sufficient for us to always follow. have you ever noticed that we run before we can see if our thing we are fearful of is real, happens, does us harm? My triggers never came true but I was terrified without physical harm for reinforcement.

    So, and I have posted this before, we are in a combat scenario brain wise, when a core trigger ignites. That is why fear controls us and we panic. remember we have lost many of the skills that we had counted on to handle fear.

    let me set the stage a little about consciously influencing the amygdala or fear. Our amygdala the almond shape organ over rides the frontal lobes, cognitive thought by five seconds which means that our trigger has erupted before we could think so, thought will,only ignite more cortisol dumping.

    You can not connect consciously with your amygdala so it is useless and that is why CBT is also worthless as it was practiced before all the eastern therapies arrived.

    Now I will reference Mushashi the greatest Samurai who ever lived. He trained himself and was an extraordinary mind. He would challenge the best the samurai schools had to offer. He would laugh at some of the skills established in the schools. They were excellent and difficult and impressive to all viewing but they had one flaw, they were worthless when the cortisol and fight or flight lit them up.

    Mushashi never practiced anything not needed in battle. he cut down 60 plus in duels and abushese because as the navy seals, he had learned to be a master when fight or flight hit him.

    So he would move his opponent around to see first if he had lost his fine motor skills.

    if his opponent had succumbed to being tight, with tunnel vision and had lost his fine motor skills, they would be slow and not very agile, so Mushashi would say when I sense fear at the end of my sword I would move in and cut him down.

    Peyton Quinn was the bouncer and black belt who noticed that black belts were reduced to street fighting because under this pressure their karate failed.

    Fear is like air, if you ever face it during breathing track work it starts to become a friend.

    Fear is like a signal the body holds up as a sign. it may be dangerous.

    Look at fear another way fear keeps you from driving the wrong way, not placing your hand in the flames on the stove.

    Try observing when you need fear.

    fear can be observed while riding the breathing track and throughout the day. Examine when fear protects you to round out our mind set.

    Who taught us to be afraid of our own fear?

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