C-PTSD: Cognitive errors; All or nothing thinking

nicolaes-tulp by Rembrandt

You, or parts of yourself, perceive everything as either black or white, yes or no, either/or.  Things are either good or bad; there is no middle ground.


Anything that is less than perfect is a disaster.  People either like you or hate you; they are kind or cruel; honest or completely dishonest.


If they ever say “no” to you, they have permanently rejected you.  This pattern leaves no room for balance, nuance, or human frailties.

This disorder isolates us enough, be aware of our negative influences and tendencies.  Know the landscape and apply daily practice!

One response to this post.

  1. Wow this is true for me… I think in absolutes. Things become not so ‘life and ‘death’, or ‘love hate’ now… its quite relieving.

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