If we Stop Judging things, situations, and people—– Would PTSD have no fuel and Die?

trouville by Gustave Caillebotte,

If we relinquish judging, then our ego is not insulted or has no need to react to situations or people.  Now, when something happens in life, I let it exist on its own without my involvement.

All the stories and details of insignificance lie dormant without concern around all those trigger thoughts.  They are powerless to penetrate my true self or to effect who I am.
Worry, Guilt and Shame are strangers to me now.  I assume no guilt for anything but come to present moment and leave the past tense thoughts alone, to die a quick lonely death.
It is likely for you too, if you start your daily practice.  Why not today?

3 responses to this post.

  1. This is exactly what I need to remember “Now, when something happens in life, I let it exist on its own without my involvement” even if I have trauma thoughts about something, doesnt mean they are true or I need to act or get involved in it. Great post Marty.

  2. Simple idea but bringing awareness to it takes effort on every thought.

    When you realize that very thought is a chance to be aware and then leave any judgment by just observing it.

    Now for me, my ego makes me laugh when it gets upset, resentful, it feathers ruffled by a critical comment.

    No matter what lures me away, I am capable of coming to this second without thought and PTSD symptoms have long ago faded from dumping anything in my system.

    My landscape is in this moment and when I wander off course it is simple to pick out a flower and focus on it like I am to draw every detail, the stem, flower, color, contrast, leaves, form, size, proportion balance smell and feeling.

    How can any past thought compare with that drawing?

  3. The concept of healing is simple, the implement of it after for me 60 years of reinforcing shame, guilt, worthlessness and anxious misery became the issue. You gain confidence and resilience in our nervous system when we use the breathing track everyday.

    You could have exposed me to the greatest people of earth, flew me to exotic places,,fed me luxurious meals and my PTSD covered that good with resentful suffering.

    My ego convinced me that my life was miserable and if I accepted the basics of my worthlessness since childhood there was no escape.

    How invisible all the walls that I erected we’re. Nothing but air, opportunity stood in the way of this true me.

    Every judgment that you vacate or resist making is a duckett in our bank account. Enough ducketts and trauma loses some of its power. Common sense says what you ignore dies while what you focus on grows.

    What fires together wires together. Nothing but positive to input into our own computer.

    I changed my programming to I am perfect and treinforce all positive things by repeating them outloud to bring my frontal cortex into my imprint.

    If we must think there is 1 with a million zeroes of choices, so we are perfect or extremely positive, gifted in our own way and we try our best without judgment of us or others.

    This stance is great for healing, think about this and repeat it when a trigger thought comes around. Imprint perfection because our right hemisphere has never known failure, or loss or guilt so why not hang out at our soothing lounge, upstairs and to the right please.

    Extra comfortable seating.

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