Riding the Breathing Track while Listening into the Deep Jungle at Night!!

Sitting with our back to the Jungle at Night

We are sitting in one of these beach chairs on a moonless night following our breathing track with our hearing intent on the jungle.

Now, let us keep following our breath and go between our ears to observe.  Observe as sounds get quieter and quieter as we listen farther and farther into the jungle the quieter we become with each breath cycle.

There is something coming towards us, listen!!!!!!

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  1. Marty, I am not sure I understand this post.

  2. Posted by Alex on January 21, 2012 at 4:12 am

    Actually Marty, it’s the other two “chimps” from yesterday coming after you – Alex

  3. Kaity we are using a scenario to bring our hearing and breath together as we slow the breath, we start listening to lower and lower decibel sounds.

    At the edge of a jungle at night all that exists is our breath as we ride the breathing track and listen for a sound in the jungle. We hear farther and farther into that jungle the quieter and quieter we get as we follow our breath.

    Try to hear your breath as it makes a slight sound inside our nostrils. All that exists in life is your breath and hearing into that jungle.

    How quiet can you get following your breath. Are their sounds that we overlook because of thoughts or lack of awareness.

  4. Ohh ok. Thanks!

  5. I also like this because we are listening behind us towards the back of our mind or brain. Also the image of being between our ears quieting our inner world so we hear farther and farther away. I am still riding the breathing track but my focus and the track emanate right between my ears inside my inner world, observing and becoming familiar with all my body functions, mechanisms and oddities.

    The power is on the strength of your focus and the depth of our hearing penetrating that jungle.

    Think of a starving person listening for a delivery of dunken donuts way over due.

    healin can be invigorating as you are coming alive.

  6. Oh ok, love that idea…I get it!

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