Pick a Winning Path

Every trigger thought presents us with a couple of choices.  Do we engage, observe, bring awareness or try to ignore the thought.

Seems simple until the amygdala adds cortisol and adrenaline to the mix.  Now we have to deal with the danger or lack of it with this situation.

Physical symptoms manifest in spasms, stress, upset stomach, tight neck and mandible area reeling with pain and emotional fear.  Panic and a keen sense of avoidance enters our safe space.

What do we do?  We pick staying present with our breath to observe the body sensations without thought.  It seems very scary and real until you resist avoiding and stay present.

This choice will keep repeating over and over until we find a way to stay present and integrate the trauma.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Pick small things to improve and take action. Better to take small action than read for weeks or plan something big. Action and exercising our will to focus and direct our attention can make big shifts.

    Practice every breath, line up only positive input from now on.

  2. I love this! And picking small things work! I have tons of triggers, and just bringing my mind back to the present for my breath makes the world of difference. I can feel myself get anxious, fearful etc and I am trying, the minute that happens to stop and think of my breath. Next thing I know what I was reacting too either isn’t even true, or not a big deal!

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