More Symptoms: Alterations in Regulation of Affect ( Emotion ) and Impulses

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  1. This concept of switching is important. One of my friends had a mother who was alcoholic and abusive. She was carted off a few times in a straight jacket screaming at my friend her son that it was his fault. He had a desire to please his mother to make up for this lack of worthiness as a kid. He would fail pleasing her 9 out of ten times but that one time her received that approval was worth it.

    Or was it. The part of the personality that needed to please his mother dominated the other parts who probably resented and maybe even was ashamed of his pandering and humiliating himself for the mother. This internal dialogue is a fight inside our own personality.

    This is the complexity of having our childhood development interrupted with trauma. We have a hard time finding reality in this confusion.

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