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C-PTSD and the Inner-Critic

More from Pete Walker:

Using Anger to Shrink The Inner Critic: Traumatizing parents customarily use intimidation and disgust to thwart the instinctive fight responses of their children. Recovering the anger of the fight response is essential in healing Complex PTSD. I routinely encourage clients to use their anger to stop the critic in its tracks, and to help them move through the various self-attack dynamics that the critic uses to emotionally enforce perfectionism. Invoking the fight response is an irreplaceable tool for thought-stopping the critic’s outdated fear- and shame- based cognitions. Accordingly, I encourage clients to use phrases like “I’m not afraid of you anymore, mom and dad…critic. I’m in an adult body now and I won’t let you hurt me”. Additionally I share Erik Eriksen’s emotional math: “Shame is blame turned against the self”, adding that it is also the parents disgust turned into self-hate. Typically I embellish this with: “You can externalize the anger of the critic’s self-blaming messages out and away from you onto the installers of the critic, or sideways onto the critic itself. You can give shame back by allowing yourself to feel disgusted at the image of your parent bullying you and overwhelming you with shame when you were so defenseless”.

You can also use this anger to exercise.  Try carrying an object like a small ball or write down PTSD on a paper and another one with one of the intrusive thoughts.  When your body wants to stop clutch your object you are carrying and know that this is what wants you to stop.  It is your PTSD who wants you to avoid and quit.  Get angry and continue to defeat this opponent -  first in exercising like this -  then with mindfulness, to complete your healing.


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