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How many thoughts, desires, needs, doubts, and worries are connected to the “Ego”?


The “Ego” is constructed from past memories, what others think of us, how they have treated us and finally what we think about ourselves.

This image we label “I”.

Henceforth we will defend him/her, devote a lifetime chasing him/hers likes while avoiding dislikes.

Thoughts and emotions can arrive without our conscious participation. On average a thought a second, floods the mind.

Many of these are “Ego” created from desires or a reaction to feeling unequal,,better or more flawed, inadequate to another.

One unfortunate trait of the created “Ego” is he/she never feels equal to anyone or anything.

Always superior or inferior. It’s fatal flaw!

This is why we let go of the Ego” and focus on the breath.
Freedom from attachment.
Always a judgment, a need to change, improve or hide, avoid, or gloat from that high perch we perceive.

Real happiness does not involve our “Ego” as far as I can determine.

When the “Ego” is dominant, mindfulness fades, the chance for happiness disappears.

Most of our desire, all of our created need, springs anew from the “Ego”.

When we can let go of desire, need, thought, emotion, and crisis, the ego fades and awareness arrives.

The “Ego” is a judgment machine.

Seems his/her obsession is comparing.

Comparing everything with a jaundice eye.

If we have trauma, anxiety or depression the “Ego” is the culprit for our suffering.

An equation:

Less “Ego” plus less desire equals more happiness.

Simple math, simple breath, simple focus.


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